Commando Jump




Published in the book 21 Games For The BBC Micro by Mike James, S. M. Gee and Kay Ewbank, published by Granada Publishing Ltd.

The book contains the following description:


This game is a real test of your reaction time and dexterity, and is quite
compulsive to play. A bright red wall of varying height appears with a
little man figure beside it. A countdown “Ready, Steady, GO” is
flashed up on the left of the screen and on the word “GO” the man has
to jump as high as possible and then scrabble up the remainder of the
wall. Your success in this game depends entirely on your quick wits
and nimble fingers.
How to play:
On the word “GO”, and no sooner, press any key to make the man
jump. The height of the initial jump depends entirely on the delay
between the signal appearing and your key press. The quicker you
react, the higher the man will jump. The time left to scale the wall is
displayed on the screen and while the rest of your five seconds tick
away you must keep on pressing any key to get the man over the wall.
The man will climb one brick higher for every ten key presses so the
more rapidly you press, the more quickly he will climb. If you keep
your finger on a key the man will stay where he is this is because only
complete key presses, i.e. press and release, count. If the man is not
over within the time limit he will slither back down the wall and you
have another try. In all you are given ten attempts. Even if you are
very slow off the mark, do press a key − until you do so you cannot
move on to the next try. If you hit a key just before the “GO” signal,
the computer will accuse you of cheating and you will lose that turn.


TitleCommando Jump
PublisherGranada Technical Books (Granada Publishing Ltd.)
AuthorsMike James
S.M. Gee
Kay Ewbank
Release TypeBook
Primary genreArcade
JoystickNot Supported
PlayersSingle Player
SaveNot Supported
CompatibilityA:✘ B:✔ Master: Untested
Compilation21 games for the BBC Micro (BOOK)



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