Alien Invaders




Published in the book 21 Games For The BBC Micro by Mike James, S. M. Gee and Kay Ewbank, published by Granada Publishing Ltd.

The book contains the following description:

Two types of alien ships are heading towards earth and you have to defend civilisation as we know it. Your task is daunting you have to ensure that none of the aliens get within firing range of earth. The point of no return is marked with a ‘X’ on the left of the screen. Once any of the advancing ships pass this point the game is over − you will have lost. Your only hope is to wipe out all the aliens with your missiles. Every missile that hits its target increases your chance of saving the world.

This game is especially exciting to play because of the use of a two-tone throbbing sound that decreases in pitch as the invaders get closer. If you play this game on a colour TV you’ll see that the ships are red and yellow.

How to play

You can move your missile launcher to left and right using the appropriate arrow keys. Press the up arrow key to fire a missile. You score points for every alien you hit, the ones further away from you accounting for more points than the nearer ones. The game is over when you have destroyed all the invaders or when the nearest remaining ones reach the point marked by the ‘X’.


TitleAlien Invaders
PublisherGranada Technical Books (Granada Publishing Ltd.)
AuthorsMike James
S.M. Gee
Kay Ewbank
Release TypeBook
Primary genreSpace Shooter (Gallery)
Secondary genreSpace Invaders
JoystickNot Supported
PlayersSingle Player
SaveNot Supported
CompatibilityA:✘ B:✔ Master: Untested
Compilation21 games for the BBC Micro (BOOK)



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